Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Warhead (1996) *

Cast: Frank Zagarino, Joe Lara, Todd Jensen

Directed by Mark Roper

Die Hard meets Avenging Force to which Frank Zagarino fight white supremacists looking to launch a nuclear missile to cleanse the human race (what other reason could it be?) in this cheap Die Hard clone which features Dolph Lundgren look-a-like, Frank Zagarino Vs Lorenzo Lamas look-a-like Joe Lara in a extremely tedious bash fest that has adequately staged action sequences but lacks likable characters, as well as a director that can milk such action for suspense and excitement. Indeed the biggest problem with this sleep inducing Die Hard clone is that the Zagarino is so invincible, that we never get involved with his plight, making the viewer indifferent to whether who wins the fight. In other words Warhead is a snooze inducing dud.

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