Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dangerously Close (1986) *

Cast: John Stockwell, Thom Mathews, J.Eddie Peck, Carey Lowell

Directed by Albert Pyun

Dangerously Close is like Class Of 1984 meets music video in a mindless and repetitive throwaway from Cannon films. Future B. Movie master Albert Pyun tries hard to inject a sense of style into the proceedings, however, like they say the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Dangerously Close finds high school reporter J. Eddie Peck getting involved with a wealthy fascist gang (led by Stockwell and Mathews) when various kids start disappearing. There is of course a conspiracy that may or may not involve teachers but by the 15 minute point you will not care as you will be too bored to follow the simplistic narrative. Dangerously Close plays like a third rate lame Teen soap opera, the characters are paper thin and Pyun can’t seem to get a handle on what the point of his movie is. Dangerously Close has endless sequences of people driving, while staring at the camera while music plays. What this has to do with anything is anyone’s guess.


  1. Hi Kenner,

    Thanks for the review. Yeah, I think it got a bit unfocused. I was actually having a wee conflict with the writers and one of the associate producers and it be reflected in the unfocused quality of the film. I was trying for a darker and twisted version of a John Hughes world but I didn't pull it off.

    Albert Pyun

  2. That's amazing that Pyun left you a comment. It is a weak film though.

  3. best Pyun Movie, and one of the great lowbudget 80s dark teen movies ever IMO. you do need to watch it several times fo rit to make sense, and def with a buzz on