Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Code Of Silence (1985) * * *

Cast: Chuck Norris, Henry Silva, Molly Hagen

Directed by Andrew Davis

Chuck Norris stars in yet another “Cop Vs Mobster” movie where Norris plays cop Eddie Cusack who protects the daughter of a mob kingpin from a rival family bent on starting a mafia war in Chicago, meanwhile there’s a subplot revolving around a cop killing an unarmed kid, the climax though finds Norris unleashing his one man army antics with a police robot to waste the bad guys. Code Of Silence is a movie that is only occasionally effective due to its problem of tone. Code Of Silence certainly has its moments, but the tone of a Mafia war and the bit players and such involved don’t come together as well, due to the robot climax, bad guys that don’t get enough screen time and way too much time in dealing with the subplot involving an over the hill cop. The action is of course exciting and Code Of Silence is somewhat enjoyable, but mostly in its first two reels, once Norris and his robot single handedly wipe out the bad guys, the movie trashes the credibility of its serious tone and becomes more akin to Missing In Action then The French Connection. That said this is hands down one of Norris’ better movies.

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