Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cyberjack (1995) * * *

Cast:Michael Dudikoff, Brion James, Suki Kaiser

Directed By Robert Lee

Cyberjack is the first (and best) film to combine Die Hard with Blade Runner (Night Siege: Project Shadowchaser II was the other one) and in Cyberjack we find ex-American Ninja Dudikoff as Nick James a cop turned janitor who finds himself in a fight against the criminal who killed his love interest/partner years ago. Seems that Brion James plans on trying to rule the world through cyberspace and in the finale we see our ex-American Ninja duking it out with a super-powered Brion James. Cyberjack is low budget but the filmmakers make the most of it, and in turn provide some interesting plot angles (such as Dudikoff being aided by a robot in battle), as well as funny one liners to make the derivative plot angle go down easier. Plus the unexpectedly low key tongue in cheek acting from Dudikoff and James elevate this to watchable status. Certainly nobody is mistaking Cyberjack as a classic, but it’s hands down one of Dudikoff’s better efforts.

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