Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fallen Knight (1998) *

Cast: Dolph Lundgren, Francoise Robertson

Directed by Jean Marc Piche

Dolph plays Luc, a David Carradine-esque templar priest who travels from Tel Aviv to New York (Really Canada, where this was filmed) to stop a body hopping demon from unleashing the anti-christ. Robertson plays the archeologist who tags along at first for her career and second to help Dolph keep the gates of hell locked in what is one of Lundgren’s ultimate blunders. Dolph Lundgren despite his screen presence, isn’t the first one would expect, to be a priest or for that matter to get his ass handed to him by a guy a foot shorter than him, but then again Lundgren isn’t alone, as the numerous actors playing the demon are all just as unconvincing and laughable. The one salvation that a film of this magnitude would need is the fight arena, but these sequences are lame, while the horror element is more absurd than suspenseful and Piche manages to somehow shoot the punches, sword clanking and explosions at all the wrong angles. The action is lame at best, but the movie gets somehow even more pathetic when Lundgren is asked to recite fortune cookie wisdoms and the ineptitude of the production furthermore makes this Lundgren’s worst feature. Also known as The Minion, so avoid it under both titles.

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