Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Storm Catcher (1999) *

Cast: Dolph Lundgren, Mystro Clark, Robert Miano, Kylie Bax

Directed by Anthony Hickcox

Dolph crashes and burns (figuratively speaking) with Storm Catcher, another one of those state of the art jet fighter movies to which good old Dolph is accused of ripping off, seems that Dolph is a specialist pilot and is also the only one who can get the jet back, as the real terrorists WHO are Air Force personnel have set Dolph to take the fall for the usual reasons. Seems that the U.S government plans on dismantling their organizations and so such a threat must be made to save jobs, or something like that, it’s tough to tell with a film so bored with itself. Storm Catcher is easily Dolph’s worst movie to date. Lacking a story that nobody involved with cared anything about, as well as utterly boring bad guys, bland heroics and forced family scenes that labor to showcase Dolph as a family man, Storm Catcher lacks any of the punch (literally, as there is so little action) that made Dolph a star in the first place. If anything else the film disappoints mainly due to the fact that one suspected a natural disaster to be among Dolph’s adversaries, something needed to save the audience from the film’s relentless tedium.

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