Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cyber Tracker series

Cyber Tracker (1994) *
Cast: Don “The Dragon” Wilson, Richard Norton, Stacie Foster, Jim Mancini

Directed by Richard Pepin

After making the umpteenth Bloodfist movie, The Dragon took a break from ripping off Bloodsport and Kickboxer to rip off Robocop in an extremely feeble and soulless clone that is mostly a mindless remake, but lacking the satire and scope of action to succeed as such. The Dragon stars as a wrongfully accused special agent who’s former employers send a robot cop after him, meanwhile The Dragon joins forces with the underground rebels and the movie basically moves from one pointless shootout to another sans excitement or novelty. The shootouts are typically routine and repetitive in a Don “The Dragon” Wilson movie, but that doesn’t prepare one for how many endless sequences of The Dragon and his rebel friends shooting endless rounds of ammo at a seemingly invincible robot enemy. Indeed it’s not until the admittedly decent one on one fight between The Dragon and Richard Norton does Cyber Tracker even come close to entertainment and by then it’s too little, too late.

Cyber Tracker 2 (1995) *

Cast: Don “The Dragon” Wilson, Stacie Foster, Jim Mancini, Tony Burton

Directed by Richard Pepin

The Dragon returns in a typically brain dead  Robocop rip off, although this time there’s some Terminator 2 ,Invasion of The Body Snatchers and Double Impact to rip off as well. This time The Dragon and his reporter wife (Foster) battle an underground crime lord who use robotic duplicates of our heroes to frame them and then try to ultimately destroy them. Why the underground rebels target The Dragon and his squeeze remains without an answer, as does what the bad guys truly set out to gain from targeting them. The bad guy’s plan involve replacing the politicians with robots (How could one tell the difference?) and ruling the world in some way. The plot is of course openly ridiculous, that however didn’t bother me, what did was just how boring the movie is. For instance The Dragon never fights himself despite the fact there is a robotic duplicate of him exists, also the film lacks any plot or character development to get us into the action. The film’s only pluses come from Tony Burton and Jim Mancini but they aren’t on screen long enough to save this from the landfill.

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