Monday, March 8, 2010

Out For Blood (1993) * * *

Cast: Don “The Dragon” Wilson, Shari Shattuck,Michael Delano, Ken McLeod, Aki Aleong, Todd Curtis

PM continues the winning formula in one of The Dragon’s better action entries in which Don is cast as a lawyer who takes to the night as “Karate Man” a vigilante who beats up on drug dealers and embarrasses the local police by single handedly stopping the drug flow, however after awhile the bad guys and police start targeting the Karate Man and now The Dragon doesn’t know who to trust especially when his new love interest seems to be in with the drug lords. Out For Blood is a fairly entertaining variation on Death Wish, of course a nice touch is that said vigilante is also a lawyer , another one is the fact that the vengeance is done in kung fu style, so that while the shoot outs are well staged the best thing about this film is actual one on one fight sequences which are plentiful and expertly choreographed. Indeed this film doesn’t have that many car chases (which is PM’s calling card) but it should be noted that the Jet climax as well as the final one on one between McLeod and The Dragon in legitimately exciting. Indeed Out For Blood is another winner from PM and the only flaw one can really think of is the needless padding between The Dragon and Shattuck, in a love angle which provides nothing to the story and tends to get in the way of the film’s momentum. It should also be noted that while this is one of The Dragon’s better film it also features one of his better performances. Overall Out For Blood can be seen as the early sign of what was to come in Rage, The Sweeper and Last Man Standing, as while this has some of the flaws of the dreary martial arts/action movies such as Deadly Bet, CIA and Final Impact, you can clearly see that PM started to establish their own particular style and in Out For Blood such style works fairly well.

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