Monday, March 8, 2010

Hologram Man (1995) *

Cast: Joe Lara, Evan Lurie, Michael Nouri, John Amos, William Sanderson, Arabella Holzbog, Tommy “Tiny” Lister

Directed by Richard Pepin

Unintentionally hilarious premise is brought to life in one of the dumbest movies ever made. The film kicks off in a totalitarian government (of course) ruled by corporations and such rebellion has taken root as a gang of terrorists led by Evan Lurie battle for what are in fact legit freedoms that are in no way criminal. Anyway in the process Lurie is captured and turned into a computer hologram, but when up for parole he escapes in Hologram form wrecking havoc on the city and now Joe Lara has to stop him. Hologram Man is completely ridiculous, indeed the form Lurie takes isn’t a hologram so much as a virtual reality program (actually he’s not that either but that’s the closest explanation) As fellow critic Moria pointed out all a hologram is, is a 3D image projection. However that didn’t bother me, what did was just how badly made, boringly paced and ineptly scripted Hologram Man was. The biggest flaw is that Richard Pepin is a boringly static director, where as Joseph Merhi films the action with a creative burst of energy that is often times spectacular, Pepin films cheap shootouts in which people just stand around and fire at one another, and no spin or anything is put on the variation to make such exciting. What is even worse is that Joe Lara is a painfully dull hero who rips off Lorenzo Lamas and his attempt at acting like he is questioning his would-be change in morality is truly laughable. Evan Lurie and Michael Nouri are okay I guess but this film is absurd, the action unexciting and the movie completely boring. Indeed the worst part of it all is that the hologram is apparently so invincible but Joe Lara doesn’t let the terrorists convert Lurie’s hologram form into his body, which is ridiculous since then he would be less powerful. Of course logic and common sense is wasted on thinking about such utterly mindless junk. Indeed this film seeks to want to have our hero (and us the audience) question the intentions of the good guys but such ideas fail to take hold when the film revolves around 3D photo slides fighting it out for the fate of the world. Silly, moronic and unexciting, Hologram Man is a complete dud and one of the very worst from PM.

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  1. I loved this one. I don't know, it was tons of fun to me. yes, it was an absolutely ridiculous concept, but I felt that's what made it such a good time. Plus, Lurie was great, as always. I think I like him better than you do.