Thursday, December 9, 2010

Alien Vs Predator series

Alien Vs Predator (2004) * 1/2

Cast:Sanaa Lathan, Lance Henriksen, Raoul Bava

Directed by Paul W. Anderson

Extremely disappointing monster bash finds a bunch of archaeologists going to some Artic area where an Alien nest is located, after the aliens have wiped out the cast, the last scientist joins forces with the Predators on a really lame hunting trip. Wow, what a disaster. You just can’t make a PG-13 Aliens or Predator movie because it just mutes what made the others so effective. The big problem here is that all of the action has been watered down, the suspense level is completely non-existant and to make matters worse the movie doesn’t feature a human element that you could see standing tall against the Aliens. Indeed Sanaa Lathan is an alright actress but she doesn’t have an action presence like Sigourney Weaver. We are supposed to be with the Predator, but they come off as serious wusses. Indeed the only good thing about this movie is that it made others realize that Predator 2 wasn’t so bad. Alien Vs Predator is an awful movie, based on a great premise. This is really bad stuff, and I liked Anderson’s work in Mortal Kombat. No suspense, no real action, basically we are left with yet another mindless product that does little that hasn’t been done before, and nothing that is entertaining.

Alien Vs Predator: Requiem (2007) *

Cast:Steven Pasquale, Robert Joy, Reiko Aylesworth

Aliens fight Predators in a small town in what is basically the same mix as before, although even being R rated doesn’t work because the movie just has such a low degree of style. This is one of the most boring and completely lame sequels to ever come out. There is no attempt to develop the characters, the gore is laughable and lame and the action element stinks. Really the only good thing to say is that this abortion is what killed the AvP franchise once and for all. Indeed these movies are so piss poor, I refuse to include them as part of the Alien and Predator series. Some people enjoy a fun bad movie (I am one of them) but this is too lifeless and too unimaginative to enjoy, on all levels this is much worse than its lousy predecessor and that really says a lot.


  1. My friends and I had fun with part 1, but part two was nothing more than a cheap slasher film in quality. It might as well have been I Know What You Did Last Summer 2. It's too bad, because that's a franchise that could be really cool given the budget and right mix of script and actors.

  2. Well unlike most people, I will gladly defend Requiem til the day I die as I honestly don't get all the hate for that film, I had such a great at the theater 3 years ago when I saw this, I was in awe when that kid got killed at the very beginning, and it only got more fun from there, with some great predator alien battles, well-done suspense scenes, and an incredibly shocking and disturbing sequence involving a pregant woman and aliens which made me do a double take as I couldn't believe the Strause brothers were able to get a scene like that through the MPAA, and I just love the tagline "This Christmas, there will be no peace on Earth" Classic!